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How important are meta keyword tags?
As with most search engine
optimization queries there is no clear-cut answer, so I will just go
with it depends. Basically Google does not use meta keyword tags any
more at all. So if you are only tensed about how your website ranks on
Google then you should not bother using meta keyword tags. They are not
important then.
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However if you want your
website to show up on other search engines like Yahoo! and Bing then my
dear meta keywords tags are very important. Yahoo and Bing have a
combined ten percent share of search market which might not seem much at
first glance but my dear this accounts for 4.6 billion searches each
month in the United States alone.
Yahoo has stated in the
past that they have stopped indexing meta keyword tag but they
offer advice on improving one’s search position including; utilize a
keyword meta tag for listing keywords for each page of one’s website.
Utilize distinct lists of keywords which relate to each particular page
on the website. Do not utilize one broad set of keywords for the whole
website. Bing also offers akin suggestions in their head tag
optimization blog.
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So if you care about your
website’s position on Yahoo! or Bing then follow please their advice,
but like any search engine optimization technique you will require more
than just a good meta keyword tag for getting a good ranking on any
search engine.